Hi Ideals Technologies Leads Cyber Security Awareness Initiative at Lingaraj Appa Engineering College, Bidar

In a pioneering effort to fortify the knowledge and skills of budding engineers in the field of cybersecurity, Hi Ideals Technologies Private Limited, under the leadership of its Founder and Director, Sachchidanand Chidre, conducted a comprehensive Cyber Security Awareness Program at Lingaraj Appa Engineering College in collaboration with the Institutions Innovation Council.

The workshop commenced with Sachchidanand Chidre providing a succinct introduction to Hi Ideals Technologies, outlining the company’s vision and its dedication to advancing the realm of cybersecurity. The emphasis was on instilling an understanding of the pivotal role cybersecurity plays in the digital age.

The highlight of the program was a session led by Veeresh, a distinguished certified cybersecurity expert. Veeresh’s expertise enriched the participants with practical insights and knowledge crucial for navigating the intricacies of cybersecurity challenges.

To foster continuous learning and engagement, Hi Ideals Technologies proudly launched the “Hi Ideals Cyber Security Hub,” a WhatsApp Community tailored for students. This platform will serve as a dynamic space where participants can stay abreast of the latest trends, access training opportunities, explore job prospects, and exchange ideas in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from over 100 engineering students, along with the wholehearted support of the college’s management, staff, and key personnel. Dr. Vinita Patil, Principal, Dr. Bhadrappa Haralayya, Vice Principal of Lingaraj Appa Engineering College, Sandeep Mahshetty (PG HoD), Shana Patil (Training and Placement Coordinator), and various department teaching staff played pivotal roles in ensuring the success of this initiative.

Sachchidanand Swamy Chidre expressed gratitude for the collaborative spirit exhibited by all involved, stating, “It was a wonderful session where the enthusiasm of the students, coupled with the support of the college’s management and staff, made this program truly impactful. We believe that empowering the future engineers with cybersecurity knowledge is crucial for a secure digital future.”

This initiative aligns with Hi Ideals Technologies’ commitment to fostering educational excellence and empowering the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.


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