Real ERP Software

An ERP management information system integrates areas such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance and human resources.

Real ERP software that provides useful tools to meet all online construction management needs. It offers opportunities for collaboration on project plans, available projects, Indent list, GRN list, sanction list, marketing material and photos using desktop or mobile devices from anywhere in real time..

  • Software effectively builds on the required research to ensure the project can move forward without unnecessary delays
  • allows all Information to be Accessed and Shared Easily
  • Easier Cost Estimation
  • Fast tracking
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Easy work allocation
  • Improves Business Growth and Development

Key Features

Project management

This feature allows project phase tracking. In this feature project head can assign the projects to site engineers.Admin can view and generate project reports.

Resource management

In this feature admin and project head can assign the various tasks to staff, which help to track the projects are delivered on time with a keen eye on budget.

Material Management and Equipment Tracking

In this feature Project head can Monitor and control what happens to materials that your suppliers deliver, as well as Review quotes you’ve received and money you’ve paid for materials.

Customer relationship management

This feature allow admin to enter their customer’s contact information. Allow contractors to automate scheduling and sending reminders to customers. It offer customer search and history options, allowing admin to easily track each customer’s progress and communication.

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